We are committed to sustainability by a culture of caring and responsibility. Our corporate social responsibility extends not only to families, but also to our employees, our communities, and the environment. We recognize that we are more than just a business, we are part of a global community and as such our family of employees feels strongly about making a difference in our own backyard and around the world.

X is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities, maintaining a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and reducing the overall carbon footprint of the company. Our world-class expertise, investment in sound and precise science, and our rigorous pursuit of R&D drive our efforts to identify opportunities with the potential to improve make a difference and build sustainable value for all our stakeholders. X success is based on world-class technologies, robust expertise and innovative personnel. To stay at the forefront of the industry, we continuously struggle to improve..

Integrity is a core value at X and lies at the heart of everything we do. 

To achieve these goals, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards to ensure that all of our interactions are conducted appropriately. We regularly review and amend our practices according to our own standards, as well as the standards required of us by the communities in which we live and work.